Methods of a Wall-Street Master

Methods of a Wall-Street Master

Автор(ы): Sperandeo Victor

Описание: Секреты мастеров с Уолл-стрита не только в том, что, чего, где, как, куда, зачем покупать, но и в том, чтобы не сойти с ума от всего этого. Автор — антагонист всякого механического подхода. А так, в общем-то, книжка как книжка — всего по чуть-чуть.
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Part I. Building Your Knowledge from the Ground Up [1]
Introduction: The Secret of the Gamboni [1]
1. From Gambler to Market Master:
The Making of a Professional Speculator [3]
A Quest for Freedom [5]
The Wisdom of the Tape [6]
Horsetrading, Option [8]
A Taste of Independence [10]
Discovering the Nature of Trend [12]
Finding My Freedom [13]
2. The Alligator Principle:
Proof of the Need to Think in Essentials [15]
Being Eaten Alive [15]
Thinking, in Essentials [16]
3. A Business Philosophy for Consistent Success [21]
Preservation of Capital [21]
Consistent Prohtability [24]
Pursuit of Superior Return [26]
Conclusion [27]
4. Finding Order in Market Chaos:
An Introduction to Dow Theory [29]
Good Ideas Often Misunderstood [30]
The «Hypotheses» of Dow Theory [32]
The «Theorems» of Dow Theory [35]
Conclusion [46]
5. A True Understanding of Trends [49]
Uptrend, Downtrend, Move All Around Trend [49]
Let’s Reduce It to Basics [49]
The Importance of Confirmation [52]
The Four Phases of a Market [54]
Important Volume Relationships [57]
Conclusion [57]
6. The Merits and Hazards of Technical Analysis [59]
Tidewatchers [60]
The Manipulators [63]
The Purists [66]
Summary [67]
7. Where Fortunes Are Made:
Identifying a Change of Trend [69]
Determining the Trend-Drawing the Trendline [71]
Identifying a Change of Trend: It’s Easy as I-2-3 [74]
213, or Not 2B? That’s Worth Some Money! [78]
The Cause of Tests and the 2B Pattern [91]
The ABCs of Secondary Corrections [84]
Summary [84]
8. What the Analysts Don’t Know Can Kill You [87]
How Important Can Anchovies Be» [87]
Understanding Moving Averages [88]
A Different Perspective on Relative Strength [93]
Momentum Indicators (Oscillators) [96]
Making Specific Stock Selections [104]
Conclusion [108]
9. The Way the World Really Works:
The Basics of Economics [109]
The Jigsaw Puzzle [109]
Eononics According to Robinson Crusoe [112]
The Role of Money [115]
Economics and Human Nature [118]
Production Before Affluence [121]
Savings, Investment, Credit, and Wealth [124]
Summary: The Closest Thing There Is to a Free Breakfast [130]
10. Booms and Busts:
Who I lolds the Pump and Who Holds the Needle [133]
130()1115 and Busts: The Business Cycle [133]
The Nature of the Business Cycle [134]
The Structure and Role of the Federal Reserve System [144]
How Money and Credit Availability Is Created and Controlled [146]
Reserve Requirements, Fed Funds Rate, and the Discount Rate [151]
How to Predict the Trend and Changes of Trend Based on Fed and Treasury Policy [160]
Conclusion [162]
11. Managing Money By Measuring Risk [163]
The True Meaning of Risk [163]
A Revolutionary Approach to Risk Assessment [166]
Allocating Capital with Odds Management [170]
12. There Must Be Fifty Ways to Lose Your Money [175]
The $4(117 Hairdryer [175]
Trading Rules and the Reasons Behind Them [176]
The Rules Defined [177]
The 85% Rule [187]
Conclusion to Part I: Putting It All Together [189]
Part II. The Commitment to Make It Happen: Emotional Discipline [191]
The Trader’s Dream: A Fable [191]
13. The Spock Syndrome:
Reason and Emotions at War [197]
Introduction [197]
From Predator to Trader: The Evolution of Human Emotions [199]
Emotions as Benefactor [202]
Emotions as the Villain [204]
The Source of Consistency: Emotional Discipline [206]
Conclusion [208]
14. Success is What You Make It [211]
The Prerequisites of Success [211]
The Meaning of Success [212]
The Supercomputer of the Mind [211]
Discovering and Using Motivation [216]
Conclusion [220]
15. Changing So It Sticks [221]
Using Your Body [222]
Using Your Conscious Mind [225]
Discovering Awareness [226]
Finding Your Focus [228]
The Power of Questions [231]
The Importance of Evaluation [232]
Values and Character [232]
Beliefs and Personality [234]
Harnessing the Power of the Subconscious [239]
Anchoring [242]
Conclusion [244]
16. Conquering False Pride [245]
Your Evil Twin: The Idealized Self-image [246]
The Search for Glory [247]
Compulsion and Imagination [250]
When Wishes Become Claims [251]
The Tyranny of the Shoulds [252]
Real Pride/False Pride [256]
17. Finding Your Freedom [259]
Notes [263]
Glossary of Terms [271]
Bibliography [281]

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